by Malcolm

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this album is dedicated to alex kahn


released June 5, 2013

Lead Guitar: Josh Pikulin
Bass Guitar: Steve Conroy
Drums and Percussion: Ray Belli
Rhythm Guitar, Piano, and Vocals: Malcolm MacDuffie

Additional players:
Pete Jody - Backup vocals on "Animal", Electric Guitar on "Animal", Bass on "Animal" and "Radiotown"
Arty Mallet -Slide Guitar on "It's All The Same"

Art by Joanna Smith

Produced by Malcolm
Recorded and Mixed by Eric Xu
Mastered by Adam Grover, Georgetown Masters
Assistant Engineer: Catherine Hood
Assistants to the Engineer: Katie Pipal, Carrie Sutherland
Recorded at Powerhouse Christian Church and Josh's Apartment
Executive Producer: Eric Xu

Special thanks to: Eric Xu, Peter Jody, Arty Mallet, Joanna Smith, Charlie Moos, Frank Flaherty, Jonathan Fang, Peter Xu, Eric's Mom, Ray's Mom, James Wittel, Lambkini, Powerhouse Christian Church, Ryan McGibbon Tattoo,



all rights reserved


Malcolm Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Animal
some people say that i'm a fake
some people say that's all it takes
some ask me what i'm waiting for
and tell me as they hit the floor
"I want more"

and they say I'm an animal

some people want nothing but
another sickening suck of drugs
I don't wanna be their debutant
I just wanna suck your wine

and they say I'm an animal

stick around and people get to know you
then when you act weirder
they wonder why

drip coffee on her favorite dress
my kingdom for a pretty mess
the dog is barking cuz he knows
he barely has to use his nose and he knows

and they say i'm an animal
Track Name: Safari
it's wonderful when I see her
that baby freezes my fever
she loves waking up
and whats inside of that cup

it's mesmerizing when she's in the room
she stomps around like a sonic boom
and sings a plume of smoke
on which any songbird would choke

she does twist and shout for me
to my car radio's hauntings
so happy i'm mad

she pulls me out of style
makes me something more wild

she does twist and shout for me
to my car radio's hauntings
so happy i'm mad
Track Name: Sunday
turning a sprinkler into a gun
dripping a castle out in the mud
upping the mail flag on everyone's box
just cuz it's sunday

racing a shopping cart through the aisles
open the fridge and shake all the pop
stomping on daisies out in the lot
just cuz it's sunday, baby

rain comes down and things get wet
sunday comes and things get upset

a wonderful crazy at it again
reading the paper like it's a poem
answering questions nobody asked
just cuz it's sunday, His day

rain comes down and things get wet
sunday comes and things get upset
Track Name: A Danger to Themselves
so tell me doc
why my knees are all locked
why my eyes are aged
as if they held a deep rage
I took all your pills
all they did was give me night chills
and I think there's no way out
he said:

"aw, your just sick of your pad
sick of your job
sick of this town
aw, your just sick of your friends
sick of your dog
sick of hanging around."

went to confession...
father I've gone mad
I can't help but think
how people can be so bad
I sit and reminisce
bout when the world looked nothing like this
just a ball of flame
no victims and no one to blame
and I don't believe none of it
he said:

"aw, your just sick of your pad
sick of your job
sick of this town
aw, your just sick of your friends
sick of your dog
sick of hanging around
so while you're out there
vying for your health
just remember no one feels well
and while you're out their
fighting for your name
don't forget they want theirs just the same."

Track Name: New
we stayed up till the raging of the sun
and not by name it called out to everyone
a silhouette I won't forget
is canopy on gold
caught between blue white and green
it's so old and it's so new

heard a song written in another time
dated words but true enough to feel like mine
a melody still breaking free
from age's field of view
sings the words of heresy
it's so old and it's so new

tiled on the chapel floor
and etched into the pews
a place many have prayed before
it's so old and it's so new
Track Name: My Favorite Toy
dragon is dead
i hold my head for him now
cancer is cured
the mice are bored and unbound
i never thought it'd be untrue
i never though i'd wonder who i'm talking to
your my favorite toy

shopping around
for a sparkling gown fit to you
dreaming of words
that I can spill to your purse
winking at every heavy tag
maybe the one I want's the one I always had
your my favorite toy

through all of the lengths we go to hide
surely they're jousting with our pride
surely our armor isn't what it's suppose to be
your my favorite toy
Track Name: Radiotown
don't tell me i'm your favorite toy
that only makes me jealous
of all the playthings I see
but you don't notice
cuz this is how the story goes:

he calls me up the street
and watches me die

spinning round
that radiotown

leading me on a iron ship
through all your favorite meadows
while in the meantime i'm off
looking for petals
but in a monumental way

he says: "time goes by"
and watches me die

spinning round
that radiotown
Track Name: Candelabra
my heart cactus
it can go for months
only eating
only drinking once
sky leaks on us
but the problem stays
our hearts, soggy
wanting it everyday

gimme love

our luck isn't
what it use to be
shining prospects
hide insecurities
I want foghorns
so my mind will wake
sometimes sirens
is isn't all it takes

gimme love

gaudy candelabra
made of wax
light a candle and you'll burn it flat

gimme love
i want it i need it i can help but heed it
it's riling it's something it's bringing me down

gaudy candelabra
made of wax
light a candle and you'll burn it flat
treat me kindly neighbor
and i'll guard your door
that is all the love i'm waiting for
Track Name: That Was Nothing (But A Dream I Had)
heart of glass
broke when you sang that note
"we tried but it ain't no use
see you around"

that was nothing but a dream I had
and it's dogging me
come the morning and you seem unsame
oh guilty me

what's that sound!?
I heard a creek
turn around
and they're over me
knife in hand, beady eyes, bleeding smile

that was nothing but a dream I had
and it's dogging me
spilling over from the night to day
oh guilty me

softly heed the siren of my alarm
slowly realizing that night is gone

soap my tongue
i never thought I say such things
such dirty things
you reply that you wanna die
with me tonight

that was nothing but a dream i had
and it's dogging me
got old betty by the reach around
oh guilty pleas
Track Name: Laugh Out Loud
we made out
now it's done
lots of pain for everyone
some mistakes
happen twice
is it ok if I spend the night?
we'll just talk
we won't touch
monks get by on half as much
laugh out loud
till you cry
you can't stop it if you try

here I sit
having gone
to that forbidden
golden lawn
here we lay
guilty flesh
two knots tangled
in the mesh
it hurts to say
but I regret
all those things I don't know yet
laugh out loud
till you cry

don't stop
keep going
one time
and no more
she goes where she wants to go
and everybody knows i'm sure
do stop and she's twice the friend
now I'm in the streets again

wanna walk with the best?
lay that gavel on the desk
dip and rise
lull and peak
everything is what it seems
laugh out loud
Track Name: It's All The Same
see my baby, I know she wants me
I'm gonna give me when I got time
trapped in motion I see that picture
I don't wanna make it mine
I see it happen all the time
lonely joy or shared pain
leave or stay
it's all the same

stowaway to some foreign harbor
where the people don't look like me
I get a job at the local market
and hear the things they see
a one who gives them none to keep
I too look for who to blame
rich or poor
it's all the same

everyday when I go out walking
I cross over that rusty bridge
looking down through corroded holes
I see the rocks below
to a many things I'd like to know
and a thought I'll never claim
live or die
it's all the same